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PsipTN™ Developer Kit

PsipTN™ stands for Public SIP Telephone Network. Powered by TelTel, the network is designed for the new generation of SIP-based applications and services,and create new revenue opportunities for service providers and application developers.

Although PsipTN™ takes advantage of the flexibility of SIP signaling and the extensiveness of the Internet to provide more automated and wide-ranging suite of telephone services, it is unlike a traditional PSTN in that the new SIP-based virtual network is perfectly capable of carrying voice, multimedia, and audio/video content.

Aside from being open to all SIP devices and applications, PsipTN™ is also interfaced with the traditional PSTN, creating a synergy of existing telephone network and the new SIP-enabled Internet telephone network.

TelTel and PsipTN™

PsipTN™ is TelTel's contribution towards building an open environment that encourages SIP applications and devices to create a whole new array of communication services and products in the Internet era.

TelTel's existing users also benefit from being a critical part of PsipTN™, as new value-added services and products will be regularly available to TelTel's rapidly growing community through the network.

Business Opportunities on PsipTN™

The new platform provide numerous commerce and co-branding opportunities such as customizable softphones and web pages, billing, call center, and provisioning applications, as well as information/entertainment media channels for devices and services.

Existing Internet service providers can also provide VoIP service rapidly through the PsipTN™ under their own brand by using PsipTN™ to route the calls and provide billing services.

PsipTN™ also creates resell opportunities for hardware vendors. For example, vendors can offer their customers TelTel Ready™ handsets and personalized ring tones.

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